Having artwork on covers of books and music albums spreads it to a much wider and more diverse audience. In the case of the cover of 'Voyage", sheer serendipity connected me with Stan Getz. A local friend of both Stan Getz and I spied the title of one of my paintings called "Stan Get/z Blue" whereupon he phoned Getz who had just completed a new recording and was hunting for a cover.......et voila!




  A Garden of Anchors   Joy Kogawa   2003
Lake and Other Stories   Gerry Shikatani   1996
Inside the Dance of Rain   5th Species   1994
Ontario Environmental
Resource Book
Bittersweet Passage   Maryka Omatsu   1992
Voyage   Stan Getz   1986
The Modern English Haiku   George Swede   1981

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