My long and creative association with choreographer Patricia Beatty has provided a unique opportunity to work within the dance field. Designing for the stage has challenged me to think spatially and sculpturally, and to conceive in a large scale. Many sets were created for the Toronto Dance Theatre, including a set for David Earle's 'Realm', a commissioned work for the National Ballet of Canada, as well as 'Goblin Market', a work by Christopher House and mounted at Expo 1986 in Vancouver.


2002   Esperanza!   Patricia Beatty
2000   Suspended Season   Patricia Beatty
1999   Omega II   Patricia Beatty
1993   Origins of Love   Patricia Beatty
1990   In the Trees   Bill James
1986   Goblin Market   Christopher House
1985   Radical Light   Patricia Beatty
1985   Realm   David Earle
1985   Painters and the Dance   Patricia Beatty
1983   Rite for Future Time   Patricia Beatty
1981   Mas Ha Ri   Patricia Beatty
1979   Seastill   Patricia Beatty
1973   Harold Morgan's
Delicate Balance
  Patricia Beatty
1972   The Lacemakers   Barry Smith
1970   Against Sleep   Patricia Beatty
1970   Lysis doesn't Care   John Simes
1969   Study for a Song
in the Distance
  Patricia Beatty
1969   Thread of Sand   David Earle


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