A solo exhibition of installations

A Space Gallery, May 7 to June 11, 2005

The autobiographical core of the exhibit addresses the experience of living with cancer. The work explores the metaphorical dimensions of illness, specifically cancer. It is further informed by ideas contained in Susan Sontag's acclaimed text, Illness As Metaphor, in which she observed that cancer treatment "has a military flavor...."

This new project, which represents both the body and forces of nature in a highly representational form, will extend my use of electronic media to video, which is ideally suited to the many facets of this project. I explore the image-making, narrative and sculptural dimensions of the medium as it applies to this work.


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  1. SIGN/INGS 2005
    DVD loops, Tyvek® panels wood dowels. 3@ 10' x 48'
  2. SOUND/INGS 2005
    Audio loops
    wood, laquer, speakers. 3@ 6' x 4.5" x 3.5"
  3. WITNESS 2005
    steel, plexiglass, water, monitor, DVD loop. 30" x 30" x 3" diameter
  4. Photos from SIGN/INGS video shoot
  5. Exhibition brochure. Adobe Acrobat PDF

Midi Onodera – Videographer, editor: SIGN/INGS (1)
Chiyoko Szlavnics – Music and sound editing: SIGN/INGS, SOUND/INGS (1,2)
Edimburgo Cabrera – Video documentation of exhibition (1,2,3)
Gene Machida – Photographs (4)





'Reflections from the Garden',

Gendai Gallery 2003

Reflections from the Garden. created specially for a 2003 retrospective, comprised a large, shallow pool of water in which copper-clad corkscrew branches (culled from my garden) stood, supported on metal stands. Three rocks completed the composition and the installation was lit minimally, creating a dramatic and meditative site. A specially built machine installed out of sight in the deiling released a single drop of water every two minutes, adding counterpoint to the serenity evoked by disturbing reflections. The drops would form ever-expanding circles until they quietly disappeared, returning calm to the site.

"...the water-submerged corkscrew willow forest seems dreamy and ethereal one moment and seems to ache upright the next" (Kyo Maclear)
[Click image to view Reflection from the Garden]




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