The Package / Homage to A Nisei
A package of 14' bamboo poles harvested from my father's garden in Vancouver was shipped by rail to the studio. The package itself inspired a series of large-scale charcoal drawings.

Subsequently the package was opened and the bamboo used in two series of small media works, and later followed by a larger installation entitled 'Homage to A Nisei'.


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From the Garden/Behind the Veil
This series was created with plant material gathered from my garden in Toronto. Catalpa branches were bound together with copper wire and black aluminum screening stiched/attached serving as 'skin' or 'veil'. Arts writer Kyo Maclear wrote:


"using natural and industrial fibres, Suzuki has painstakingly whittled, wrapped and cradled garden remnants...Suzuki's background in fibres is made apparentin the way she teases the stiffest of surfaces into pliable matter. Porous like skin, her wire nets stretch into finding impossible curves and sags, despite their taut and binding armature."


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