teve is a seasoned professional when it comes to Flash cartoons as his Mr. Man character can be found across the web. He dreams of an ether-studio where artists gather in online collaboration, and when he came across Half Empty through the original Blink it was a match made in heaven.

Marty met up with Steve in Toronto to discuss his work, the cartoons and what's going to happen next.

You've got to have the RealPlayer to hear these. When you hear a *bing* it means the topic's changed a bit.

On Mr. Man cartoons, toys and getting paid.

On How he found Half Empty, and streaming his animations for blink.

On the future of Half Empty and what it means to be a member.

Steve's site, Whitehouse Animation Inc.

Steve's page at Hotwired

Shockwave.com (look in "cards" for Mr. Man)