I'm from california. I worked for disney feature animation. I like to go to disneyland. I went to art shools including; rhode island school of design, art center college, associates in art. I have to draw and I have to paint. currently illustrating and participating in group shows with friends.

All of these images are derived from 1930's fashion and take the theme of "protective gear. " I don't know where you can get the clothes but I found them in an old book that somebody had thrown out.

Friends About Us is from the 1940's and it is illustrates a series of small stories meant to teach children about the world around them. Some of things they learn about are the industrial revolution, what city workers do , other children from different parts of the world and natural disasters. It is a very wholesome book and it makes everything look beautiful and great.

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the little girl who is staring at the Boycloud is wearing a rain jacket and rain cap from the chapter where she learns where rubber comes from
the little boy looking down the firepole is wearing circa 1930's firemans hat and jacket from the chapter where the little boy character visits the firehouse. on the wall behind him is a clearer shot of the jacket (hanging) with fire boots and protective gloves on the ground.
the little girl who is holding hands across the painting and protecting the rainbow is wearing a dress from a chapter where they go to the country and run around looking for little field mice and stuff
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