Derrick Hodgson
Toronto ,Ontario, Canada>> I live on the top floor of an old peanut factory over looking a vacant lot referred to by some as the HOBOYARD>> spend my days listening to dub reggae WACKIES style and drawing mania rich doodles>> I like African wild dogs , Meerkats, sunflower sprouts and wild blueberries stay tuned to

grannie ghouls

ghoul grey moo moos
jim stickney

pink one piece jump suit by RAY RAYMOND
shoes "wallabees" by CLARKS

jim's escorts pink tit slings by FIPPY FIPPY
mini mogos cloned by GENE GNOME

maxi mogos

sky blue skin for aerial camouflage

Olive coveralls by BIG BOY
rubber gum boots
stone grey cap

ronnie grey coveralls by BIG BOY
rubber gum boots
orange hunting cap
grey coveralls by BIG BOY
rubber gum boots
army green combat cap by BDU
  boots and coveralls found at BERTHA REEL & RIFLE
caps found at JAMMY'S SURPLUS & SPORT
screecher found in hoboyard

zombie scout

a pink party uniform
zombie boys

light purple lycra muscle suits and boots by GUY

grannie ghouls dresses by SHE SHE REE
howler dog courtesy of COMMOVILLE MODIFIED PETS INC.

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