Thomas Schmid can be best characterized as a product of late-night cartoon viewing. At the age of 22, Thomas is now the art director and co-founder of "Eneone", a design project created with longtime friend Benjamin Langsfeld. A year in existence, Eneone has produced design and illustration for the underground music scene in North East USA. Throughout his career, Thomas has done work for MTV Animation, AtomFilms, Jive Records, Ropeadope Records, various magazines, art exhibits, night clubs, comic books, as well as private painting commissions.

Influenced by the darker side of illustration, he borrows from such artists as: Egon Schiele, Barry McGhee (Twist), Peter Chung, Enki Bilal, Sam Keith, Katsuhiro Otomo, Japanese art, and French comic books. Although the pen is his concentration, his style cannot be limited to the realm of traditional drawing. After having studied computer science at the University of Pennsylvania, he studied 3D modelling and graphic design as a new means to represent his characters in a new fashion. Using this formula as a guideline, his work always strives to reach the musicality found in his passion for funk, techno, jazz, house, drum&bass, and hip hop music. Look out for more of his work on tour with bands such as "theNewdeal", "the Disco Biscuits", and "the Ally."

For the long-term, he plans to return to Europe (where he grew up and studied), in order to further his career as an animator/designer. His dream : to animate an Amon Tobin music video.

This fashion spread is currently appearing in 101magazine Issue 5, Vol. 1, a local philadelphia lifestyle magazine. To check out more from Eneone, visit

Thomas Schmid
305 Cherry St. Floor 3
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Tel: 215.829.9399

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