Pieter Zandvliet
This are all sugestions for clothes, I wish somebody would make them! Hahaha! I really hope so. Fashion inspires me very much... the metal clothes from Paco Rabanne, Cautier, Westwood and Walter van beierendonck.

I like to work with my dreams, fantasy and the things around me (reality). I mix the things as a deejay and make a work. On walls, wood or canvas. The best time for me when I work is when I'm happy. That's not always, so I have some works when I'm not. The colors and the out-lines are very important for me, they represent a part of me.

Some of my works are made in the open air. I like to work on walls or what else when it is big. In fact, I like working on the spot so that the enviroment can also have an influence on the work I've been making at that time. As you hopefully see, I'm very very fond of lines in my work. Fat lines, thin lines, all kind of lines that can shape my forms of imaginary figures based on a piece of reality. And the backgrounds must contradict with the figure(s). I made no sketches. I made all in one go. You can say my production is very high, I have a quick delivery. But I have the advantage that my works are pure and direct.


Sonrisa Productions
Hoofdstraat 307
3114 GE

glasses model To you
blouse model In you
jacket model Down with me
adult clothes for children
pumps model Most sexy
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