The Politics of "Too Much Information"

When the presidential sex scandal is bigger news than more important country-running matters, you know there is a problem.

MEDIA, 11/15/98: OUR FEARLESS LEADERS I don't claim to know a lot about politics, nor do I try to be as informed as possible. So, I know just about as much as your average U.S. citizen when it comes to politics and what is going on in the world today. Also like many U.S. citizens, I watch a lot of television. I also haven't been living in a deep dark hole, which means I have heard a great deal about the sex scandals surrounding the presidency. The media attention surrounding the scandals beat it into our heads just how human one can be, regardless of the amount of power he wields.

Everyone has grown tired of the story. But how can we move on? No one will let it completely drop. Something else always comes along to irritate the already open sore. Impeachment? They really want to impeach the president over a blow job and a dirty dress. And they're still going through with it too, using taxpayer's money to pay for a big waste of time.

Some people say that this is a huge step for the moral righteous, for it proves that even the most powerful of men cannot evade the law. So are we saying that this has set an example for all men out there, that if they have extra-marital affairs they will PAY? Oh no, look at all of those cheating bastards out there shivering with fear. It proves nothing.

Not that the president is completely without blame here either. Eight years is a small part of one's lifetime. He could have exercised a little self-control for those eight years. Or he could have sought professional help for his little "problem." He should have realized that when you are in office, you don't take personal risks.

However, all of you who are pitying Monica and Paula and whoever the hell else he was "inappropriate" with, realize that these women made the choice to expose themselves, knowing full well that they would be surrounded by a media circus. It was no longer a personal issue, it was going to have to be bigger than that. To me, they do not send out a message of strength and courage. No matter what they may have gone through, I don't pity them for a moment. They chose this path. They chose to be media darlings. They knew what they were doing.

I think this way more than ever now that Paula accepted a sum of $850,000 to settle her sexual harrassment lawsuit. Yet, she did not receive the apology she had sought after for so long. And when asked about it, she was quite happy with the settlement, and with the money, even if she didn't get the apology. How can anyone justify this? Money has clearly become a source of happiness, and also power. Book deals, interviews, fame, it all comes with the deal. Who wouldn't want to be a household name, even if it had a notorious connotation?

Oh yeah, we may be going to war with Iraq again. But look, Ken Starr just found some former presidential friend who tried fo cover up something or other having to do with the scandal... oh it's just too confusing, politics isn't for me.

And I get out of bed another day, wondering where that third of my salary is going to.



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