The Ancestors Of George & Hazel Mullins

by Philip Mullins

Service Records of some Varnado and Simmons Families in Territorial Militias, 1814- 1815

A chronology of military actions involving the two families:

August 3, 1813 Creek Indians attack Fort Mims in Alabama
November 1813 Militia troops build Fort Claiborne in Alabama
December 13, 1813 US troops begin a campaign against the Creeks
March 27, 1814 US troops defeat the Creeks at Horseshoe Bend
April 10, 1814 Richard Simmons is drafted into the Mississippi Territorial Militia
August 30, 1814 Richard Simmons dies at Fort Claiborne
December 1814 Samuel Varnado, Sr. is drafted into the Louisiana Militia
January 6, 1815 Leonard and Moses Varnado are drafted into the Militia
January 8, 1815 A British force is defeated at Chalmette, near New Orleans
January 19, 1815 Leonard and Moses Varnado are camped with the 13th Mississippi Regiment near Gainesville in Pearl County, Mississippi
February 5, 1815 Leonard and Moses Varnado are discharged at Fordsville, Mississippi and return home
March 1815 Samuel Varnado is discharged at Mandyville in Louisiana

Military Service Records of Varnado and Simmons men:

Richard Simmons: Drafted April 10, 1814, as a Private in Captain William Spencer's Company, 13th Mississippi Regiment (Nixon's Regiment), Mississippi Territorial Militia. He died August 30, 1814 while in service.

Samuel Varnado, Sr.: Drafted in mid-December 1814 as a Private in Captain James Harris' Company, 12th Louisiana Regiment (Abner Warmick's Regiment), M. Caslon's Brigade from St. Helena Parish. He was discharge March 1815 at Mandyville, Louisiana.

Leonard and MosesVarnado (sons of Samuel Varnado, Sr.): They enrolled as Privates, 13th Regiment (Nixon's Regiment), Mississippi Territorial Militia from January 6 until February 5, 1815. They were paid $8.00 each for one month's service.

Nathaniel Varnadoe (a son of Samuel Varnado Sr. who had returned to Georgia): He enrolled in Captain John Winn's Company of Infantry, 2nd Regiment (Pray's Regiment), Georgia Militia on January 18, 1815. He was discharged February 26, 1815.

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