The Ancestors Of George & Hazel Mullins

by Philip Mullins

Military Service in the Army of the Confederate States, 1860-1865

The information is this list comes from various sources, most of which are identified in the bibliography. None of it is guaranteed to be accurate. The first six individuals on the list are my ancestors and the remaining men are relatives.

Name unit source
Thomas E Rife 36th Texas Cavalry Texas General Land Office
Solomon O Simmons Co.C, 3rd La Cav. Louisiana Confederate Soldiers
Frank S Strickland Pvt., Co.C, 3rd La Cav. "
William Hinson Louisiana "
John Hayes Co.E, 6th La. Inf. Knippers Genealogy
Joseph Reynolds Pvt., Capt. Kean's Battery, La Artillery La Conf Soldiers
Green Strickland Pvt., Co.C, 3rd La Cav. "
Henry Strickland Pvt., Co.B, 16th La Inf. "
Hardy Mullinskilled June 1864 Mullins Genealogy
William Leander Varnado woundedVarnado Genealogy
James Leonard Varnado killed"
Felix Hampton Varnado wounded"
Christopher Columbus Felder Co.B, 33rd Miss Inf."
Ellis Monroe Varnado Army of the Tennessee"
Raleigh Haggard Varndo killed"
Pinkney Henderson Varnado  "
Jefferson Simmons   Bala Chitto Simmons
George Simmons   "
Reddick F Simmons wounded at Shiloh"
Marcus Simmons Co.E, 3rd La Cav. "
Columbus W Simmons Pvt., Co.E, 3rd La Cav."
Robert L Simmons Home Guard "
John G Leggett  "
Edward K Tisdale  "
James B Mullins Co.F, 1st Btn Miss Inf.Grave Marker
Norval Varnado 39th Miss, Army of the TennesseeBala Chitto Simmons
Cyrus S Simmons 1st Lt., Raborn's Co "
Thomas J Simmons Photograph in uniform"
James Bond killed at Port Hudson "
Reeves Rhodus Co.E, 16th Miss Inf. "
Robert K Sibley, Jr. killed at Mansfield "
Hansford D Sandifer Co.E, 16th Miss Inf. "
William E Sandifer Rhodes Cav. "
Richard M SandiferRhodes Cav. "
James J Sandifer Rhodes Cav. "
John W Sandifer Rhodes Cav. "
Harvey Benton Knippers, Sr.   Knippers Genealogy
Frank Anthony Knippers   "
Lewis Wilford Knippers  "
Thomas T Knippers killed in Georgia"

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