The Ancestors Of George & Hazel Mullins

by Philip Mullins

Places of residence of G N Mullins

This is a list of some of the places where G N Mullins and/or his family lived between 1900 and 1981 and, if known, his place of employment.

  Family Residence Place of employment
1900-1905 Brookhaven, Miss. Child at home
1905-1914 Osyka, Miss. Child going to school at Osyka
1914-1921 Port Arthur, Texas Shipyard and refinery
1921-1923 Chatawa, Miss. ICRR near Yazoo, Miss.
1923-1928 Baton Rouge, La. Baton Rouge, La.
1926 Pike County, Miss. Baton Rouge, La.
1928 East of Brookhaven, Miss. Standard Oil, Baton Rouge, La.
1930-1931 Pasadena, Texas Refinery
1931-1932 Baton Rouge, La. Standard Oil, Baton Rouge, La.
1933-1938 Pike County (8 houses) WPA and as a contractor
1938 West of Osyka, Miss. Contractor in Pike County, Miss.
1939-1941 Baton Rouge, La. House builder in Baton Rouge, La.
1941-1944 Mt. Hermon, La. Fort Polk and elsewhere
early 1950s Orange, Texas Owner of truck stop and café
1956-1958 near Amite, La. Carpenter
1958 Savannah, Tennessee Owner of Irene's Motel
1959-1960 East Fork Community, La. Carpenter
1961-1963 near Picayune, Miss. Owner of a tung oil farm
1963-1972 near Kentwood, La. Farmer
1972-1981 near Amite, La. Living alone, retired

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