Genealogy of George and Hazel Mullins

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Introduction to the Genealogies of George and Hazel Mullins

            The printed versions of “The Ancestors of George and Hazel Mullins” had a genealogical section but the web version did not. However most of the feedback I receive from the website has to do with genealogical information. For this reason I have considerably expanded the genealogical section and included it on the website. I have not gone to the trouble of creating an index because web browsers have a built-in search tool.

            Because of privacy concerns I have eliminated some personal information about individuals born after 1925 from the web version. This is in line with a policy of the State of Texas that closes birth records to the public for seventy-five years and death records for twenty-five years. This is intended to prevent identity thief. I have omitted the date of birth and date of marriage of all living persons.

            Some of the genealogy can be found on the Internet. The sources I have mentioned in the genealogies are often websites maintained by individuals who have devoted years to researching their families, many times using primary sources such as court records and census enumerations. Other information came from books that were published privately and are often out-of-print. Other information I have compiled myself. There are numerous errors in the information found on this website, on the Internet, in books and in government documents. I cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information on this website.

            The genealogy of George Mullins is followed by a similar genealogy of his wife, Hazel Strickland. Both genealogies begin with their generation as Generation Number Four. There is minimal information about their children (the third generation is this numbering) and even less about their grandchildren (the second generation in this numbering). At the time of this writing, they have one grandchild, Ethan Cook. His is generation MUL(1) and STR(1) in this numbering system.

A genealogy of George Mullins, Junior


The list that follows, entitled “Direct Ancestors of George Mullins Jr.”, is a list of some of his direct ancestors, his/her spouse and children. It is a partial list of the Mullins Family Groups on the website. The list of direct ancestors is followed by information on over forty Mullins families spanning six generations. The information is organized into Family Groups each of which is given a unique number.

The numbering system of the Mullins Family Groups is the same as that used on ancestor charts in which the number of ancestors doubles in each ascending generation. The ancestors of George Mullins Junior are numbered by generations in ascending order beginning with George Mullins and his siblings as the fourth generation. The generation number is the number in brackets that is immediately after the MUL prefix.  

The numbers after the bracketed generation number is a unique number assigned to each family of a generation. In each generation the Family Numbers of the direct paternal ancestors are odd numbers. The Family Numbers of the direct maternal ancestors are even numbers. Just like on ancestor charts, the numbers of direct ancestors doubles every generation. Thus the fourth generation has two families, the fifth generation has four, the sixth generation has eight, etc.

The children in each family are numbered in their order of birth.   The birth order of the children is preceded by the symbol “#”. For example, MUL(6)3#2 refers to the second child of family number three in the sixth generation of the Mullins family (beginning with George Mullins Junior as the fourth generation).  

In a few instances there are two or more possible ancestors. These family groups are numbered as A, B, C, etc. where A is the most likely alternative and C is the least likely alternative. In some instances, one of the parents died while the other was still young enough to have children. In these instances, the family groups are numbered 1st and 2nd.   The 1st and 2nd refer to the children of the first spouse (1st) and the second spouse (2nd). The children are listed in order of birth and each child is listed whether or not they reached maturity. In most cases, information about a family is listed under the Family Group of the father of the family.

All numbering systems used in genealogical work are either difficult to follow or lack room for important information. The system I am using is nonstandard but includes far more information that either charts or lists. I have included references within the Family Groups to direct the reader to related families and in each Family Group I direct the reader to the file where information about the children can be found.

Below the list of the Family Groups who are direct ancestors of George Mullins Junior are the Family Groups files. Many Family Groups are not direct ancestors and are not included in the list of direct ancestors but are placed in the proper generational order.   The Family Groups are listed in generational order beginning with the most recent generation and ending with the families that migrated to North America from Europe.     

The direct Ancestors of George Mullins Junior

Mullins Family MUL(1)

            Details about the great-grandchildren of George and Hazel Mullins are omitted.

Mullins Family MUL(2)

            Details about the grandchildren of George and Hazel Mullins are omitted.

Mullins Family MUL(3)

            Details about the children of George and Hazel Mullins are omitted.

Mullins Family MUL(4)1#1

            The children of George Mullins and Hazel Strickland are listed in MUL(3):

            #1        George Mullins III married Colleen Murphy

            #2        Philip Mullins married Rosa Morales

            #3        Diane Mullins married 1) John Herold, 2) Jim Johnston

            #4        Jeff Mullins married Deborah Woods

Mullins Family MUL(5)1#4

            The children of G N Mullins and Mary Rife are listed in MUL(4)1:

            #1        George Mullins married Hazel Strickland

            #2        Robert N Mullins

Mullins Family MUL(6)1#3

            The children of Henry Mel Mullins and Mary Frances Reynolds are listed in MUL(5)1:

            #1        Willie Mullins married 1) Hardin, 2) Cecil Turner

            #2        J Robert Mullins married 2) Kelley

            #3        William R Mullins married 1) Ruth---

            #4        George N Mullins married 1) Mary Rife, 2) Irene Simmons

            #5        Kenneth Mullins married Muriel Smith

Mullins Family MUL(6)3#7

            The children of Morris Wade Rife and Josephine Toffia are listed in MUL(5)2:

            #1        Mary Rife married 1) G N Mullins, 2) Manuel Arthur

            #2        Angela Rife married Miguel Ferrino

            #3        Morris Rife married Beulah Randell

            #4        Eva Rife married Mr. Castro

            #5        Ruth Rife married Mr. Mejia

            #6        Paul Rife

Mullins Family MUL(7)1#7

            The children of William Henry Mullins and 1) Frances E Cato are listed in MUL(6)1.

            #1        Henry Mel Mullins married Mary Frances Reynolds

            #2        James B Mullins married Georgia Ann Cato

            #3        William R Mullins married Susan M Lusk

            #4        Robert E Mullins

Mullins Family MUL(7)3#1

            The children of Joseph M Reynolds and 1) Nancy Turnipseed are listed in MUL(6)2:

            #1        Mary Frances Reynolds married Henry Mel Mullins

            #2        Delephonia Reynolds

            #3        James P Reynolds married 1) Minnie Covington, 2) Ida McKendrick

            #4        Minnie Reynolds

            #5        Olivia M Reynolds

Mullins Family MUL(7)5

            The children of Thomas Rife and Francisca are listed in MUL(6)3:

            #1        William Rife

            #2        Thomas Rife

            #3        Mary Rife

            #4        Anna Rife

            #5        Lawrence Rife

            #6        Fred Rife

            #7        Morris Wade Rife married Josephine Toffia

            #8        Pete Rife

            #9        Jack Rife married Veronica---

            #10      Lucy Rife

Mullins Family MUL(8)1#1

            The children of James Mullins and Temperance Seale are listed in MUL(7)1:

            #1        Patrick Mullins married Catherine Douglas

            #2        Temperance Mullins married 2) Benjamin Holcombe

            #3        Lavinia Mullins married Isiah Lyons

            #4        Pollard Mullins married Nancy Wilkes

            #5        Thomas Mullins married Elizabeth Cooper

            #6        James Mullins married Zilpha Day

            #7        William H Mullins married 1) Frances Cato, 2) Louise Carradine

            #8        Serena Mullins married Benjamin Granberry

            #9        Cynthia Mullins married James Ellis

            #10      Elisha Mullins married Peninah Thompson

Mullins Family MUL(8)5

            The children of John T Reynolds and Malinda Banks are listed in MUL(7)3:

            #1        Joseph M Reynolds married 1) Nancy Turnipseed, 2) Margaret Lupo

Mullins Family MUL(8)7A

            The children of Abraham Turnipseed and Nancy Scott are listed in MUL(7)4:

            #1        George B Turnipseed

            #2        Susan J Turnipseed

            #3        John A Turnipseed

            #4        Edward Turnipseed

            #5        William B Turnipseed

            #6        Hiram J Turnipseed

            #7        Frances C Turnipseed

            #8        Nancy Turnipseed married Joseph Reynolds

            #9        Thomas H Turnipseed

Mullins Family MUL(9)1#4

            The children of Clement Mullins and Anna Hunt are listed in MUL(8)1:

            #1        James Mullins married Temperance Seale

            #2        Thomas Mullins married Ruthey Cohron

            #3        Hardy Mullins married 1) Elizabeth Douglas, 2) Mary Sexton

            #4        Clement Mullins Jr.

            #5        William N Mullins married 1) Margaret Parkman, 2) Sallie Granberry

Muillins Family MUL(9)3

            The children of Thomas Seale and Rachel Baxter are listed in MUL(8)2:

            #1        Litteton Seal married Lavinia Williams

            #2        Temperance Seale married James Mullins

            #3        Moses Seale married Jane Cain

            #4        Bluford Seale married 1) Middlebrook, 2) Elizabeth Lyon

            #5        Eli Seale

            #6        Arnold

            #7        Wright Seale married 1) Nancy Cain, 2) Catherine Whittington

            #8        Jilson Seale

            #9        Smith M Seale

Mullins Family MUL(9)11

            The children of Solomon Banks and Runnels Reynolds are listed in MUL(8)6:

            #1        Malinda C Banks married John T Reynolds

Mullins Family MUL(9)13B#4

            The children of Jacob Turnipseed (Rebsame) are listed in MUL(8)7B:

            #1        Nancy Turnipseed married Alexander Stephenson

            #2        Abram Turnipseed married Mary Lupo

            #3        David Turnipseed married Frances Dubard

            #4        Joseph Turnipseed

            #5        Samuel Turnipseed married Catherine Derrick

            #6        Jacob Turnipseed

Mullins Family MUL(10)1

            The children of Thomas Mullins and Anne (Clement) Malone are listed in MUL(9)1:

            #1        Thomas Mullins Jr.

            #2        John Mullins

            #3        Jeremiah Mullins

            #4        Clement Mullins married Anna Hunt

            #5        Nathaniel Mullins

Mullins Family MUL(10)25B

            The children of Hans Rebsamen and Catherine Kinsler are listed in MUL(9)13B:

            #1        John Rebsamen

            #2        Bartholomew Rebsamen

            #3        Barbara Rebsamen married Adam Hamiter

            #4        Jacob Rebsamen married either Catherine Kinsler or Katherine Vogt

            #5        Herman Rebsamen

            #6        Catherine Rebsamen

            #7        Christina Rebsamen

            This is the end of the list of direct ancestors of George Mullins. The reader is encouraged to extend the list and to fill in missing information. I would be delighted to receive a copy of any changes and additions. What follows are a large number of Family Group files that give details about all of the families listed as direct ancestors and many other related families that are not direct ancestors.

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