Genealogy of George and Hazel Mullins

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Family Group Number MUL(7)3#1 1st

Joe Reynolds and Nancy Turnipseed

Husband’s Name          Joseph Marion Reynolds

Date of Birth                 November 23, 1837 (or 1843) in Tennessee

Date of Marriage          c 1864

Date of Death               March 1, 1899 in Barlow Community, Copiah Co., Mississippi

Place of Burial              Rehoboth Methodist Church Cemetery, Barlow, Ms

Place of Residence       Near Foster’s Creek, Copiah Co.

Occupation                   Planter

Religion                        Methodist

Name of other wives     2) Margaret E. Lupo, the first wife’s aunt.

Name of Father            John T Reynolds

Name of Mother           Malinda C Banks

            March 10, 1911 near Osyka or Barlow

            Burial               Rehoboth Methodist Cemetery, Barlow, Ms

2.         Name               Delephonia Reynolds

            Birth                 1867

3          Name               James P Reynolds

            Name of spouse           1) Minnie Covington; 2) Ida E McKendrick,

            Birth                 February 25, 1869

            Death               March 21, 1936

            Burial               Rehoboth Methodist Cemetery, Barlow, Mississippi

4          Name               Mission E (Minnie) Reynolds

            Birth                 1871 (or 1875)

5          Name               Olivia (Alicia) M (Oleoid) Reynolds

            Birth                 -- 6, 1874


Other children (from Kenneth Mullins bible in the possession of Wayne Hardin, Port Neches, Texas):

            _____ Reynolds March 29, 1875

            Birty Reynolds born April 13, 1876 died April 14, 1876

            This Bible has an entry “Doctor Samuel was born Oct 18, 1873” but this may refer to the family of Kenneth Mullins’ wife.

Family Group Number MUL(7)3#1B

William Weeks and Margaret Lupo

Husband’s Name          William Cary Weeks

Date of Birth                 June 22, 1824 Pike Co, Mississippi

Date of Marriage          1) Prior to 1848, 2) Dec 26, 1856 in Claiborne Co, Ms

Date of Death               May 21, 1876

Place of Residence       Pike Co and Copiah Co, Mississippi

Occupation                   Planter, purchased 239.25 acres in March 1859 (value $2,500)

Name of other wives     1) Elizabeth (Eliza), one child John Weeks b. 1848 in Copiah Co

Wife’s Maiden Name   2) Margaret Elizabeth Lupo

Date of Birth                 January 25, 1840 in Yallobusha Co, Ms

Date of Death               July 14, 1929 in Copiah Co, Ms

Place of Burial              The headstone of J M Reynolds has a spot for M E but no dates are inscribed below her name.

Religion                        Methodist

Name of other husbands 2) Joseph Marion Reynolds

Name of Father            Laban Lupo

Name of Mother           Delilah Johnson

Children in order of birth:

1.         Name               Mary D Weeks           

            Name of spouse 1) W S Cason, 2) W P Blockson

            Birth                 May 10, 1857

2.         Name               William Vernon Weeks

            Name of spouse           Sarah F White

            Birth                 March 27, 1859

3          Name               John Beauregard Weeks          

            Birth                 February 26, 1862

            Death               September 12, 1868

            Burial               Barlow, Copiah County, Mississippi

4          Name               Julia Caroline Weeks   

            Birth                 January 14, 1864

            Death               October 9, 1867

5          Name               Margaret Elizabeth Weeks

            Birth                 February 10, 1866

            Death               August 11, 1869

            Burial               Barlow, Copiah County, Mississippi

6          Name               Joseph Laban Weeks  

            Birth                 September 16, 1868

            Death               September 5, 1876

7          Name               Allison Franklin Weeks

            Name of spouse           Florence Barlow

            Birth                 January 16, 1871

            Death               December 11, 1948

            Burial               Rehoboth Methodist Cemetery, Barlow, Mississippi

8          Name               Frances (Fannie) Elizabeth (Eliza) Weeks

            Birth                 July 16, 1872

            Death               September 3, 1874

            Burial               Barlow, Mississippi

9          Name               Charles David Weeks

            Name of spouse           Martha V Leggett

                                    M V Weeks b. March 27, 1859; d. March 26, 1937 Rehoboth Cem.

            Birth                 December 28, 1874

            Death               November 18, 1962

Allison and Charles Weeks are listed in the Joseph Reynolds household in the 1880 Census and in that of Mrs. M E Reynolds in the 1890 Census. They were stepsons to Joe Reynolds. They appear to be the only two children of Mr. Weeks to survive childhood. G N Mullins referred to them as his uncles. Much of this information is from a website titled “Benjamin Weeks”.

William C Weeks farmed on Townships 9 and 10, west of the N. O. J. and G. N. Railroad in the Linden Post Office community in Copiah Co., Mississippi. He purchased 239.25 acres on March 1, 1859 (Certificate #31661) to wit:   NW Quarter and West Half of NE Quarter of Sec 15, Township 10N, Range 5 East.

His will is found in Box 250, Early Probate Dockets and Will Packets, Copiah County Courthouse, Copiah Co, Mississippi.


Family Group Number MUL(7)3#1C

Family Group Number MUL(9)15B

Laban Lupo and Delilah Johnson

Husband’s Name          Laban Lupo

Date of Birth                 1794 Robeson, North Carolina

Wife’s Maiden Name   Delilah Johnson

Date of Birth                 1798 South Carolina

Children in order of birth:

1.         Name               Mary Lupo      

            Name of spouse           Abraham Turnipseed

            Birth                 June 4, 1817

            Death               August 11, 1897 Claiborne Co, Mississippi

            Burial               Steele’s Chapel Cemetery, Claiborne Co, Ms

2.         Name               Mary Louvinia Lupo

            Name of spouse           James Marble

            Birth                 c 1819

3          Name               Nancy E Lupo

            Name of spouse           John Baldridge

            Birth                 c 1820

4          Name               William Lupo

            Name of spouse           Eva Minerva Jones

            Birth                 c 1826

            Married            April 4, 1849

            Death               Claiborne Co, Mississippi

5          Name               Henry Johnson Lupo

            Name of spouse           Mira Jane Jones

            Birth                 1828 South Carolina

            Married            March 19, 1851

6          Name               Martha Lupo

            Name of spouse           Robert Baker Sanders

            Birth                 October 2, 1830

            Married            February 1, 1849

            Death               c 1900 Claiborne Co, Mississippi

7          Name               Laban C Lupo

            Name of spouse           Louisa

            Birth                 1834 South Carolina

8          Name               Alexander Lupo

            Name of spouse           1) Frances S C Burnet, 2) Mary A German

            Birth                 c 1837 South Carolina

            Married            1) September 16, 1856 in Claiborne Co, Ms

9          Name               Sarah Ann Lupo

            Name of spouse           David C Walters

            Birth                 c 1838 Mississippi

10        Name               Margaret Elizabeth Lupo

            Name of spouse 1) William Cary Weeks, 2) Joseph Marion Reynolds

            Birth                 January 25, 1840 Yallobusha Co, Mississippi

            Married            1) June or Dec 26, 1856

            Death               July 14, 1929 Copiah Co, Ms.

The 1850 Census of Claiborne Co, Mississippi, has the family of Laban Lupo living next door to Abram Turnipseed between Hermanville and Port Gibson. This Census lists a child younger than Margaret Elizabeth named John A, age 4 and born in Mississippi.

Laban Lupo was a son of Jame Lupo who died at Isle of Wight Co in Virginia in 1790.   James’ father was Laban Lupo also of Isle of Wight Co, Virginia.

Family Group Number MUL(7)5

Thomas Rife and Francisca

Husband’s Name          Thomas E. (C.) Rife

Date of Birth                 1827 Louisiana (or Mississippi)

Date of Marriage          c 1872 San Antonio, Texas

Date of Death               Before April, 1900, probably in San Antonio, Texas

Place of Residence       San Antonio and Bexar County, Texas

Occupation                   Texas Ranger, Policeman, Custodian at the Alamo

Name of Father            Born South Carolina

Name of Mother           Born Kentucky

Wife’s Maiden Name   Francisca Eduarda

Date of Birth                 1855 Chihuahua, Mexico

Date of Death               After April 1900 probably in San Antonio, Texas

Place of Residence       Chihuahua until 1873, San Antonio thereafter

Occupation                   Housewife

Religion                        Roman Catholic

Name of Father            Both parents from Chihuahua

The children are listed in MUL(6)3

Children in order of birth:

1.         Name               William

            Birth                 1873 San Antonio, Texas

2.         Name               Thomas

            Birth                 1875 San Antonio, Texas

3          Name               Mary

            Birth                 1876 San Antonio, Texas

4          Name               Anna (Fanny in 1880 Census)

            Birth                 1878 San Antonio, Texas

5          Name               Lawrence (Lorenzo in 1890 Census)

            Birth                 November 1879 San Antonio, Texas

6          Name               Fred (Federico in 1890 Census)

            Birth                 1882 San Antonio, Texas

            Death               March 31, 1913 Bexar County, Texas

7          Name               Morris Wade (Mauricio in 1890 Census)

            Name of spouse           Josephine Toffia

            Death               July 13, 1921 Gulf Oil Refinery, Port Arthur, Texas

8          Name               Pete (Pedro in 1890 Census)

            Birth                 1888 San Antonio, Texas

9          Name               Jack (Jacinto in 1890 Census)

            Name of spouse           Veronica

            Birth                 1891 San Antonio, Texas

            Married            c 1910

            Death               Von Ormy, a suburb of San Antonio

10        Name               Lucy

            Birth                 1892 San Antonio, Texas

            Death               September 22, 1936

Jack Rife in 1930 Census in Bexar County, Texas, age 38:

            Wife:                Veronica          age 38

            Children:           Carolina           age 18

                                    Josephine M     age 13 b. April 10, 1903, d. May 27, 1997

                                                                        Died in Pasadena, Harris Co., Texas

                                    Jack Junior       age 10

                                    Roy                  age 8

                                    Alice                age 5

                                    Louise              age 1

            Wife and children born in Texas

Thomas Rife is listed in the 1850 Federal Census (page 280, roll M432-908) at Fort Inge, an Army post in Bexar Co where he is in a Company of Texas Rangers.   He is age 25.

Thomas E Rife is listed as a Private in Company H, 36th Texas Cavalry, CSA.  

In the 1880 Federal Census he and his family are listed in Justice Precinct #1 in San Antonio (vol. 3, ED 12, sheet 26, line 29 Bexar Co),(Film no. 1291, page no. 050).   He lists his occupation as Policeman.   Their neighbors included two musicians, a county clerk, a livestock dealer and some laborers.  

In September 1, 1881, he claimed land in Bexar County based on Confederate Certificate No. 718 as a bounty for service during the Civil War.  

His widow, Francisca Rife, is listed in the 1890 Census living in a rented house at 816 S. San Saba in San Antonio (vol.7, sheet 5, ED 82, line 59).   Francisca and her children are described as able to read and write English.   They are enumerated as of the “white” race. Nowadays we would say “Hispanic”. 

The 1893 City Directory lists Thomas Rife as the custodian at the Alamo.

Family Group Number MUL(8)1#1

James Mullins and Temperance Seale

Husband’s Name                      James Mullins

Date of Birth                             c 1784 Georgia or South Carolina

Date of Marriage                      1803 Neshoba Co, Mississippi

Date of Death                           September 1849 Copiah Co, Ms from diarrhea

Place of Residence                   Moved to Lawrence Co, Ms, before 1820

Name of Father                        Clement Mullins

Name of Mother                       Anna Hunt

Wife’s Maiden Name               Temperance Seale

Date of Birth                             December 7, 1786 in South Carolina

Date of Death                           After June 1858 Jefferson Co, Mississippi

Name of Father                        Thomas Seale

Name of Mother                       Rachel Baxter

The children are listed in MUL(7)1

Children in order of birth:

1.         Name                           Patrick B Mullins         

            Name of spouse           Catherine Douglas, 2 children

            Birth                             1804 Georgia

            Married                        June 15, 1856

2.         Name                           Temperance Elizabeth Mullins

            Name of spouse           1) Grace, 2) Benjamin Holcombe 3 children

            Birth                             1805 Georgia

            Married                        2) September 1826

            Death                           Copiah County, Mississippi

3          Name                           Lavinia (Viney) Mullins

            Name of spouse           Isiah Lyons, 5 children

            Birth                             c 1807

            Married                        December 1829

4          Name                           Pollard Mullins 

            Name of spouse           Nancy Elizabeth (Eliza) Wilkes (Wilks), 10 children

            Birth                             c 1810

            Married                        August 2, 1829 in Copiah Co, Mississippi

            Death                           July, 1857 in Lawrence Co, Mississippi

5          Name                           Thomas Jefferson Mullins

            Name of spouse           Elizabeth (Eliza) M Cooper, 10 children

            Birth                             c 1811 Georgia

            Married                        May or August 18, 1832 by Seth Granberry

            Death                           After 1861 in Mississippi

6          Name                           James Madison (Maddison) Mullins

            Name of spouse           Zilpha Day, 7 children

            Birth                             August 1815 in Jones Co, Georgia

            Married                        August 5, 1838 Copiah Co, Mississippi

            Death                           March 9, 1887 Franklin Co, Mississippi

            Burial                           New Hope Church

7          Name                           William Henry Mullins

            Name of spouse           1) Frances Emaline Cato, 2) Louisa J Carradine

            Birth                             November 15, 1819 in Georgia

            Death                           July 31, 1918 Copiah Co, Mississippi

            Burial                           Mullins Cemetery, Copiah Co, Mississippi

8          Name                           Serena Mullins

            Name of spouse           Benjamin F Granberry

            Birth                             c 1821

            Married                        December 4, 1865 in Mississippi

            Burial                           Thad Watson Cemetery, Copiah Co, Mississippi

9          Name                           Cynthia Mullins

            Name of spouse           James Ellis, 5 children

            Birth                             c 1825

            Married                        1842

            Death                           Lawrence County, Mississippi

10        Name                           Elisha Flowers Mullins

            Name of spouse           Peninah Thompson, 4 children

            Birth                             c1829

            Married                        January 14, 1862

            Death                           Bolivar Co, Ms, near Cleveland in the Mississippi delta            

James Mullins was born in 1784 in South Carolina about the time his parents were moving from North Carolina to Georgia. His brother, Hardy, was born four years later in Baldwin Co, Ga. In 1816 James Mullins purchased land in Jones Co, Georgia, for $100 (LDS Microfilm #0470015 Book J, Page 81, May 23, 1816). Two years later his father, Clement, and an uncle, Nathaniel (both of them in their sixties), left Georgia and traveled to Mississippi Territory with their wives. They found land in what was then Lawrence County, Mississippi. Several of Clement’s sons and a daughter followed their father to Mississippi after 1820. Several of Nathaniel’s children also sold their property in Georgia and moved their families to Mississippi. Of Clement’s six known sons, three (James, Hardy and William N) moved to join their father in Mississippi. At least two of them were married and when James moved to Mississippi he already had at least five children.   A sister, Selena, came with them. She was single when she came to Mississippi. She married Robert Woods in 1829.


One of the sons of Clement Mullins, Hardy Mullins, became a Methodist preacher and another, William Norvell Mullins, became a Baptist preacher. All of the sons of Clement were farmers and in 1840 they all owned slaves. James owned 6 slaves, William 6 and Hardy 5.

            In 1850 five of the six sons of James and Temperance Mullins were living on, adjacent to or very near the old homestead. James was dead and his widow was living in the household of James M Mullins with his wife and five children. James M had probably inherited the old home. His brothers, William H and Thomas J, lived either next door or on the same property. An older brother, Patrick, was 46 years old and single and living in the household of William H. The Baptist preacher William Norvell Mullins, a younger brother of their father James, lived nearby in a houseful of children by his second wife.   Altogether there was a cluster of seven farms belonging to Mullins families in Copiah County in 1850 with 48 men, women and children. All but one family are known to be descendants of Clement Mullins.


            The descendants of Clement were all listed as farmers with the exception of William N who gave his occupation as Baptist preacher. William N was also the wealthiest of them all, having inherited property from his wife’s family. He said he owned $1,000 in property. James M told the census taker that he was worth of $150 and William H $500. His cousin Julius C likewise claimed property valued at $500.   A couple of their neighbors (Jacob Hill and P R Taliaferro) both claimed to be planters with property worth $6,000. A widow Mary Holliday said she was worth $1,000. Nearly all listed their occupation was farmer. There were two blacksmiths and James G Mullins listed his occupation as mechanic. In the community there was also a Polish-born peddler, a brick mason and a 16-year old boy who gave his occupation as “mail carrier”.

            The family of James Mullins was enumerated in the 1850 Copiah Census on Microfilm # M432-371 on Page 258b, line 29 through 36. His names appears in “Family Records: MS Rev Soldiers by MS DAR, page 268 and 1850 Mortality Schedules by Irene S Gillis.  “Records of La Confederate Soldiers”, page 1088, list James Mullins and J M C Mullins “discharged 1862 due to age”.


            Some families moved from Copiah Co to Rapides Parish, Catahoula, La, in the 1870s including members of the Hickman, Slays, Pennington and Mullins families.          

Further information about Patrick B Mullins:

Patrick Mullins was bondsman for the marriage of his sister Lavina to Isiah Lyons. They were married by Seth Granberry, AJCC (from Family Trails, August 1983 issue page 23). Seth Granberry was an Associate Judge of Copiah County.

Patrick B Mullins born c 1804 married Catherine Douglas. Their children were William and Timothy.

Further information about Temperance Elizabeth Mullins:

Temperance Elizabeth Mullins married Benjamin Holcombe. Their children were:           Robert B, Temperance and Hezekiah.

Further information about Lavinia Mullins:

Lavinia Mullins married Isiah Lyons. Their children were:           A D, Levi, Martha A, John and Dodd.

Further information about Pollard Mullins:

            Pollard Mullins was a bondsman for the wedding license of James M Mullins and Zilpha Day issued on August 4, 1838 in Copiah Co (Family Trails May 1984 issue, page 6).

Pollard Mullins married Nancy Eliza Wilkes. Their children were:          

1. Green Berry born December 1830 married 1) Tolina Elliott on July 22, 1852 and 2) Selena,

2.  Joel M born 1834,

3. Elizabeth born 1837 married E W Reed,

4. Martha Ann born 1839 married Thomas Boyt,

5. Jackson born 1842,

6. George D born 1844,

7. Mary Minerva born 1846,

8. William born 1848,

9. Dailey born 1850,

10. Franklin born 1852.

Further information about Thomas Jefferson Mullins:

            Thomas J Mullins was a bondsman for a wedding license issued in Copiah County in 1832. William Cooper was a bondsman for the marriage license of Thomas J Mullins and Eliza M Cooper. The wedding was performed by Seth Granberry. This information is from “Family Trails’ November 1983 issue, page 21.

            The 1860 Census of Copiah Co on page 18 of the Slave Schedules lists Mary Mullins as owning two very old and two very young female slaves. Thomas Jefferson Mullins had a daughter, Mary J Mullins, who was born c1840.

Thomas Jefferson Mullins born c1811 married Eliza M Cooper born c1813.

Their children were:           

1.      Annie E born 1832 in Copiah Co, 

2.      William (Billy) born 1833 and died January 1915,

3.      Elijah born 1834,

4.      James M born 1836,

5.      Elisha born 1837,

6.      Mary Jane born 1839,

7.      Mahilah (Mahala) born 1841,

8.      John D born 1846,

9.      Ellen C born 1848,

10.  Pernehia (Peninah), born 1850. In 1850 a cousin, Elisha, was boarding in the Thomas J Mullins household. He was a school teacher.

Further information about James Madison Mullins:

James Madison Mullins born 1815 married Zilpha Day born 1815 (or January 6, 1819).

Their children were:           

1. Thomas B born August 4, 1839 and died April 18,1858;

2. Frances Isabella born November 21, 1841 (or 1843), married Levi P Lyons December 6, 1857 and died 1925;

3. Leatha Ann born April 16, 1844 married William D Thompson on October 29, 1863;

4. William Ellison born January 18,1847 married Nancy L Griffing on January 30, 1866, and died 1923;

5. James Reubin born January 9, 1850 and died 1917;

6. Daniel Webster born November 9, 1852 married Margaret J Cupit on November 26, 1878, and died 1918;

7. Harmon B born January 3, 1857 married Sinah A Prather on December 8, 1875 and died 1928;

8.  Mary Temperance born November 16, 1861 and died October 16, 1868.

Further information about William Henry Mullins:

William Henry Mullins married 1) Frances Emaline Cato. Their children were:    Edwin L, James B, Henry Mel, William Rufus and Robert E.

See Family Group MUL(7)1#7 1st for more information about this family.

William Henry Mullins married 2) Louise J. Carradine. Their children were:        Mattie, Frank B, Oscar M.

See Family Group MUL(7)1#7 2nd for more information about this family.


Further information about Serena Mullins:

            Serena Mullins married Benjamin F Granberry, a son of Judge Seth Granberry and brother of the wife of Serena’s uncle William N Mullins.

Further information about Cynthia Mullins:

Cynthia Mullins married James Ellis. Their children were:           John born 1846, Howard born 1848, Clarence born 1850, Robert F born 1855 and Mary born 1857.

Further information about Elisha Flowers Mullins:

There were three Elisha Mullins enumerated in the 1850 Census of Copiah County.   One was a school teacher living in the household of Thomas Jefferson Mullins. He was 21 years old and may have been a boarder. This census lists another Elisha Mullins, a 13 year old son of Thomas Jefferson, also living in the same household. The third Elisha Mullins is enumerated in the 1850 Census of Copiah County as Elisha F Mullins, also 21 year old and is also unmarried. He is living near the farm of William Norvel Mullins but there is no indication as to whose family he belongs to. It is possible that Elisha F Mullins was enumerated twice, once at a relative’s house and again at his own farm.

The school teacher married Annie Maria Miller (born in Virginia in 1834) and they had four children:

            1. Horace M Mullins born April 14, 1860, died December 19, 1924 in McComb,

married Mattie J. Bucham born February 27, 1870, died May 7, 1905 McComb, Mississippi.

            2. Albert M Mullins born July 21, 1863, died August 29, 1937 in McComb

                        married  (?)  born January 29, 1867, died May 12, 1934 in McComb

            3. Hallie (Allie) Mullins born May 8, 1868

            4. Serena born 1876.

This family is enumerated in the 1880 Census of Copiah County on page 98, household #199/217.   Elisha Mullins gives his occupation as “Minister”. The parents are both buried in McComb Hollywood Cemetery in McComb, Mississippi.

            Rev Elisha F Mullens 22 March 18306 December 1902

            Annie Maria Miller Mullens w/o Rev E F Mullens 29 Aug 183429 Jan 1911.

I have seen another listing for an individual of that name that reads as follows:

            Elisha Flowers Mullins, 9th child of James Mullins (son of Clement), born c1829 in Mississippi married 1) Anna Miller, 2) Peninah Thompson with children of Peninah listed as:   Henry M.born 1865, Melvina born 1867, Lillie born 1871 and Edna, born 1878. This Elisha Mullins said to have died in Bolivar County, Mississippi. The marriage to Penina E Thompson occurred on Jan 14, 1862. So maybe there were three Elisha Mullins after all and two of them are being confused with one another. I can not say which of these men belong to which family but for lack of any definite information I have placed the farmer among the sons of James Mullins. The school teacher (and later minister) is more likely the son of Hardy or William Norvel, since both were preachers.



Family Group MUL(8)1#3

Hardy Mullins

Clement and Anna Hunt Mullins had at least five children. The oldest, James, is listed as Family Group MUL(8)1#1. Two other sons are listed below. The parents and other children are found on Family Group MUL(9)1#4.

#3        Hardy Mullins, born in 1788 in Georgia and died 1868 in Copiah Co, Mississippi.   He married 1) Elizabeth Douglas. They had the following children:

            1. Selina (Selena) Mullins born 1810 in Georgia and married Robert Woods April 16, 1829.  (See also the Selena Mullins entry on Family Group MUL(9)1#4).

            2. Douglas C Mullins born 1816 in Georgia and married Mary Ann Meredith April 26, 1836 or 1838.

3. Julius C Mullins born in 1820 in Georgia and married Elmira Ails born c1827 on Jan 12, 1843 (1850 Federal Census Copiah Co page 248a).

            4. Henry H Mullins born in 1825 in Mississippi

            5. Ann C Mullins born 1828 in Mississippi.

            Hardy Mullins also married 2) Mary Elizabeth Perry the widow of John Sexton who had died in 1861. She and Hardy were married in July 15, 1863 in Copiah Co.  Hardy died before 1870.  They had no children together. Mary died in 1896 and is buried next to her Sexton husband in the Hazlehurst Cemetery, Hazlehurst, Mississippi.

            Hardy Mullins left Jones Co, Georgia, in 1821 with his family and joined his father Clement and his uncle Nathaniel in Lawrence County, Mississippi in what is now Copiah County.

            According to “A History of Mississippi” Hardy was a Methodist preacher. His name appears on marriage licenses as a Minister of the Gospel from 1831 to 1858. He was a Mason and a member of the Shady Grove Mason Lodge #43 in the 1840s. In the1840 Census of Copiah Co (page 93) he is described as employed in a “learned profession”. In 1840 he still had three children living at home and he owned 5 slaves.

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