Genealogy of George and Hazel Mullins

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Family Group MUL(8)1#5

William Norvell Mullins

William Norvell Mullins, was born July or June 13, 1795 in Hancock County, Georgia, and died in 1856 in Copiah County, Mississippi. He married 1) Margaret Parkman in February 3, 1820 in Lawrence County. They had one son, Daniel P Mullins who married Eugenia Brown in December 1858.

            William N Mullins married 2) Sarah (Sallie) Granberry (born February 29, 1812 in Georgia, died August 1884) on March 6, 1828. They had the following children:

            1. Seth Granberry Mullins born June 3, 1832 married Sarah Cornelia B Tillman

            2. Hardy F Mullins born c1836. He was killed June 1864

            3. William N Mullins born c1839

            4. Sarah Elizabeth Mullins born c1841

            5. Josephine Isabella Mullins born c1843

            6. Alby (Allie) Dincy Mullins born c 1846

            7. John H Mullins born c1849

            8. Jane A Mullins married Elijah Miller on June 3, 1849.

            9. Polly B Mullins

Sarah Granberry was the daughter of Seth Granberry who was a Justice of the Peace in 1826 and in 1829 Associate Judge of the Circuit Court of Copiah County. He owned 14 slaves in 1840. William Norvell Mullins was a Baptist preacher. His wife inherited large properties. In December 1837 he (William Mullens) sold 1,000 acres of land in Copiah Co to Nathaniel Thompson. This included a grist mill on the head waters of the Homochitto River (November 1981 issue of Family Trails, page 72). He is listed in the Census of 1840 with 6 slaves. He and Wm Bailey built the Pine Bluff Baptist Church in 1852 and he was its pastor from July 30, 1852 until February 1857 (August 1985 issue of Family Trails, page 1). He was an officer of the Mississippi Baptist Convention in 1858 when his son, Seth, was a delegate from the Union Association (May 1982 issue of Family Trails, page 75). The William Norvell Mullins family was enumerated in the 1850 Copiah County Census on Microfilm #432-371, page 248a.

The following is some information about the parents and siblings of Sarah Granberry Mullins:

Seth Granberry was born November 3, 1787 and married Jane Bledsoe (born November 22, 1792) on February 14, 1811. He became an Associate Judge of the Circuit Court by 1829.   He married Mrs. Amy Jones on July 28-30, 1832. His children included: 1. Jane who married Thad Watson; 2. Sarah born February 29, 1812 in Georgia and died August 1884 and who married William N Mullins and 3. Ben who married 1) Rembert, 2) Serena Mullins born 1821 the daughter of James Mullins and Temperance Seale. The Judge, Jane and Serena are all buried in the Thad Watson Cemetery.

A. R. Granberry was a member of St John’s Mason Lodge #162 in Spring Ridge, Hinds County (between Jackson and Raymond).

Moses and S G Granberry were officers of the Mississippi Baptist Convention in 1858 along with W Mullens (May, 1982 issue of Family Trails, page 75). Seth G Mullins was the delegate from the Union Association and Moses Grenberry was a delegate from Grenada Church (November, 1982 issue of Family Trails, page 33). 

Judge Seth Granberry was listed in the 1840 Census of Copiah County, page 91, with a house full of children, a son and 14 slaves.

Information about Seth Granberry Mullins, son of William Norvell Mullins:


            Seth Granberry Mullins was born June 3, 1832 in Copiah Co, Mississippi. He married Sarah Cornelia B Tillman the daughter of Stephen Tillman and Assenith Fair Noble.   The following is some information about the family of Stephen Tillman:

            Stephen Tillman was born August 6, 1804 and married Assenith Fair Noble (born January 22, 1810, died August 1884) on May 7, 1829. He died January 13, 1882. They had the following children:

            1. Leonades Haden Tillman was born September 2, 1832 and married 1) Catharine Wallace (died 1859) and 2) Martha A Harris.

            2. Sarah Cornelia B Tillman was born July 22, 1834 in Copiah County and married Seth Granberry Mullins.

            3. Ophelia Jones Tillman was born June 3, 1837, married Edward Freeman (died 1896) in 1860 and died December 5, 1908.

            The following record of births was taken from the Cemetery and Bible Records of the Mississippi Genealogical Society. It is not clear who were the parents of these children. The names are similar to those used in the family of Stephen Tillman and Assenith Fair Noble. Stephen Tillman’s daughter, Sarah Cornelia B. Tillman, married Seth Granberry Mullins. The last two children were born in Texas.  It appears that Seth Granberry Mullins migrated to Texas after 1868 when many families from Mississippi and Louisiana moved there to escape the troubles of the Reconstruction years.

            Flora Eugene Mullins born July 16, 1854 Copiah Co

            Edda Blanche Mullins born June 1, 1856 Hinds Co

            Sallie Fair Mullins born February 24, 1858 Copiah Co

            Edgar Young Mullins born January 5, 1860 Franklin Co

            Kate Tillman Mullins born March 8, 1862 died Oct 28, 1864 Franklin Co

            Willie Stephen Mullins born April 4, 1864 Copiah Co

            Ophelia Mullins born February 15, 1866 Copiah Co

            Allie Mullins born May 8, 1868 Copiah Co

            Ada Carter Mullins born March 28, 1871 Washington Co, Texas

            Susie Allyn Mullins born May 17, 1873 Navarro Co, Texas.  

Early Mississippi Cato Families

Family Group Number MUL(8)4A

Burrel Cato

Husband’s Name                      Burrell Cato

Date of Birth                             February 24, 1764 near Downing Creek, North Carolina

Date of Marriage                      1810 South Carolina

Date of Death                           1834 or 1841 Jefferson Co, Mississippi

Wife’s Maiden Name               Cato

Date of Birth                             c1785

            Brunswick Co, Virginia Index to Wills 1733-1800 lists:

1)   Burwell Cato dated 1769 Mehurin Parish, Virginia. (Va-13-3-536).

2)   George Catour dated 1734 Mehurin, Isle of Wight, Virginia. (Va-13-1-109).   This would be the George Cato (b 1684 Brunswick Virginia d 1734) identified as the husband of Mary Poole and father of John Cato (born 1710, died 1806).

            Jefferson Co, Mississippi, Courthouse in Fayette, Mississippi, Minute Book 1822-1835, Appointment of Road Overseers has the following notation:

            Malcolm Wilkinson, Oversee, from old School House to County Line, with Burnell Cato, Henry Cato, William Cato, Neal Galbreath, Laughlin Galbreath, Mathew Smyley, Archibald Smith, Davis Short, Peter Wilkinson, Neal B Wilkinson, Neal McCorey, Gilbert Buie.

            Apparently these men were charged with maintaining the public road that was adjacent to their farms. The majority of the men’s names are Scottish.

            Bureau of Land Management Land Patent Records for Jefferson Co, Mississippi lists the following as having patented land:

            Burrel Cato, Frances Cato, Henry Cato, Joseph W Cato, Lewis Cato, Sterling Cato.

            Census records and tax rolls for Mississippi list the following:

Burwell Cato                1840                Jefferson Co Census

Burwell Cato                1841                Jefferson Co

Burwell Cato                1845                Jefferson Co

Burrell Cato                  1850                Copiah Co Census

1830 Federal Census for Jefferson Co, Ms (Roll M 19-71) page 42 has:

Burrel Cator                 males                            females

                        1-age 10 to 15             1-age 0 to 5

                        1-age 15 to 20             1-age 10 to 15

                        2-age 20 to 30             1-age 30 to 40

                        1-age 60 to 70

            The 1840 Federal Census for Jefferson Co, Mississippi enumerated a Cater family on page 291 and Cato families on page 290 and 297

            The 1850 Federal Census for Jefferson Co, Ms enumerated Cater families on pages 96B and 105A and Cato families on pages 95B, 96A and 113A

            The Jefferson Co, Mississippi, index of marriages has the following listing. Burrel Q Cato married Corrie A McLean, no date given. Corrie McLean was likely the daughter of Dr. J J McLean, born 4/25/1828 Robeson Co, North Carolina, died 8/21/1905 and buried in the Union Church Cemetery. This Burrel Cato is of a younger generation.

Early Mississippi Cato Families

Family Group Number MUL(8)4B

Lewis Cato and Mary Galbreath

Husband’s Name                      Lewis Cato

Date of Birth                             1812 South Carolina

Date of Marriage                      January 29, 1835 Jefferson County, Mississippi

Date of Death                           Jefferson Co, Mississippi

Wife’s Maiden Name               Mary Ann Galbreath (Galbrith)

            A Galbreath family lived near the Burrell Cato family in Jefferson County, Mississippi in 1835. Burrell Cato may have been the father of Lewis Cato.

Children in order of birth:

1.         Name John A Cato

            Birth c1836

2.         Name Frances C Cato

            Birth c1837

3.         Name William

            Birth c1839

4.         Name James F

            Birth c1842

5.         Name Mary A

            Birth c1845

6.         Name Melissa

            Birth 1847

7.         Name Allen B

            Birth c1849

8.         Name George A

            Birth c1851     

Early Mississippi Cato Families

Family Group Number MUL(8)4C

Sterling Cato and Rebecca Gillis

Husband’s Name                      Sterling Cato

Date of Birth                             August 12, 1816 Wayne Co, Mississippi

Wife’s Maiden Name               Rebecca Gillis

Date of Birth                             c1819

Children in order of birth:

1.         Name                           Georgia Ann Cato see also MUL(8)4D

            Names of spouse          James B Mullins

            Birth                             1848

            Married                        March 16, 1875

            Buried                          Meadville Cemetery, Franklin Co, Ms

2.         Name                           Gertrude Cato

            Birth                             c1849

3.         Name                           Cora M Cato

            Birth                             c1851

4.         Name                           Edwin Cato

            Birth                             c1851

5.         Name                           Lacena

            Birth                             c1857 


Family Group Number MUL(8)4D

Early Mississippi Cato Families

Miscellaneous information relative to Cato names in Jefferson County, Mississippi:

            The Jefferson Co, Ms, 1820 Federal Census (Roll M33-58) on page 52A lists:

James Cato      white males                   white females                slaves

                        3-age 0 to 10               2-age 0 to 10               none

                        1-age 10 to 16             1-age 10 to 16

                        1-age 26 to 45             1-age 26 to 45

            The Jefferson Co, Ms, 1830 Census (Roll M 19-71) lists:

James Catar     males                            females             page 30

                        1-age 5 to 10              

                        1-age 10 to 15

                        1-age 15 to 20             1-age 15 to 20

                        1-age 40 to 50             1-age 50 to 60

Henry Cator     1-age 0 to 5                 1-age 0 to 5                 page 42

                        1-age 5 to 10

                        1-age 20 to 30             1-age 20 to 30

The Minutes of the Probate Court, Copiah Co, October Term, 1837 page 216:

            Hezekiah W Bishop appointed guardian of heirs of Alfred Cato i.e. Octava, Lydia, Narcissa, Franklin P, Eliza Ann, Emily and Rey Cato (all minor children).

The 1850 Federal Census of Copiah Co, Ms, lists Nicholas Cato, age 16, a farmer born in Mississippi and living in the household of William Shelby, a planter.

The 1880 Federal Census of Copiah Co, Ms, lists Thomas Cato born c1856 in Mississippi and his wife Blanche Cato born c1855 in Mississippi (no children) as boarding with Daniel Lewis in Hazelhurst, Mississippi.

            The town of Union Church is in Jefferson County about halfway between Hazlehurst in Copiah County and Fayette in Jefferson County, Mississippi. The town is named after a Presbyterian church that was organized there in 1817. The church was founded by Carolina emigrants from Union Church in Moore County, NC. The members were Scots who spoke Gaelic. The first settlers arrived around 1800 and by 1810 the area around the church was full of Scotch settlers and was known as the Scotch Settlement.  

            A number of Cato families buried their dead in the Union Church Cemetery.   Among the grave stones found there are the following Cato and related names:

Henry Cato      4/1/1808-1/19/1896 and wife Rebecca 2/10/1828-1/19/1896

Sterling Cato    8/12/1817-12/6/1878 and wife Rebecca 3/16/1816-3/17/1896

Lewis Cato       5/12/1812-8/7/1885 and wife Mary 2/3/1809-9/22/1897

Joseph W Cato 3/2/1829-3/31/1903 and wife Mary Caroline 5/13/1836-9/21/1900

J A Cato son of Lewis and Mary Cato 2/6/1836-7/14/1864 killed in the war

Norman Burke Gillis     10/20/1849-9/8/1919 and wife Loconia Cato 1/1/1857-6/9/1931

Martha E Cato             3/21/1845-12/9/1899

Edwin Cato                  11/17/1853-9/04/1893

Lewis C Cato               10/5/1857-11/19/1881 and wife Gertrude 1849-1917

Lewis A Cato               5/25/1863-4/1/1935 and wife Ella McFarland

            Daughter Christine Cato Steele married H C Steele

Minnie Cameron Cato wife of B S Cato 1/11/1863-5/8/1888

            Cato infant of B S and M Cato 10/10/1885

            Cato infant of B S and M Cato 2/18/1887

Henry Cato                  son of H and R Cato 4/8/1862-3/11/1888

Serena Mullins 6/20/1875-4/25/1919 wife of Clifton Everett McDonald 1874-1942

(Probably a daughter of James B Mullins and Georgia Ann Cato, see Family Group MUL(8)4C)

Wm B Scott                 1851-1931 and wife Cora B Cato 4/15/1851-10/18/1879

Dr J. J. McLean, born Robeson Co NC 4/25/1828-died Union Church 8/21/1905

            Captain Company A 12th Mississippi Regiment CSA.

            Some early Cato marriages in Mississippi:

In Jefferson County-

Burrel Q Cato to Corrie A McLean, no date (see note MUL(8)4A)

Sinor Cator to Thomas Clawson, May 15, 1819

Ruth Cator to David Stephens, April 16, 1822

Lewis Cato to Mary Galbrith, Jan 29, 1835

Mahala Cato to George M Gray, Sept 24, 1835

Julian Cato to Henry Redfield, Feb 16, 1836

Mary E Cato to John W Gillis, Aug 05, 1849

Joseph W Cato to Mary C Garrett, Dec 22, 1853

Frances C Cato to Archibald Smith, Dec 24, 1856

In Franklin County-

            John A Cato to Martha E Newman, 1861

            James F Cato to Frances A Scott, 1864

            William A Cato to C J Davis, 1865

            Edwin Cato to Martha A Cato, 1879

            W L Cato to Olivia A McDaniel, 1882

In Amite County-

            Adam Cato to Rebecca Muse, May 11, 1830

            Cato names in the 1860 Federal Census from Union Church District #1, Jefferson County, Mississippi (grouped by families) and correlated to Jefferson County Marriage records with probable birth years in brackets:

            Sterling Cato (1816) married Mrs Rebecca McLaurin Dec 16, 1846

            Rebecca Cato (1819) married Sterling Cato 1846

            Georgia Ann Cato (1848) married James B Mullins March 16, 1875

            Gertrude Cato (1849) married Lewis C Cato 1880

            Cora F (B) Cato (1851) married Wm B Scott 1877

            Edwin Cato (1853) married Martha A (E) Cato 1879 in Franklin Co

            Lacina (Laconia) Cato (1857) married Norman Burke Gillis 1876

            William H Cato married Clark 1885

Mary Cato (1815) married Mary Ann Galbreath, wife of Lewis Cato

            William A Cato (1839) married C J  Davis 1865 in Franklin Co

            James F Cato (1842) married Frances A Scott, 1864 in Franklin Co

            Mary A Cato (1845) married Godbold 1866

            Allen B Cato (1849) married Cameron 1872

            George W (or A) Cato (1851) married McCallum 1872

            Lewis C Cato (1857) married Gertrude Cato 1880

            Margaret Cato

            James Cato

            (Missing from the 1860 Census enumeration is Lewis Cato the father, born 1812; John A the oldest son, born 1836; Frances C the oldest daughter, born 1837 and a younger daughter Melissa, born 1847.) The 1853 Mississippi Census of Jefferson County does list a Mrs. Frances Cato.

            Joseph W married Mary C Garrett 1853

            Mary C (Caroline) married Joseph W Cato 1853

            Mary B


            According to a website here follows the ancestry of the Burrell Cato who moved from North Carolina to Mississippi:

            William Cooke, born 1613 in Bristol, England married Mary Miles. Their son, William Cooke II, born 1633 in Virginia, died Isle of Wight, Va. married Joan Roper, born 1635 in Burham, Somerset Co, England and died Isle of Wight, Virginia, in 1720.   Their son, John Cook, born Isle of Wight, Va., married Hannah Jones, born 1686. Their son, Henry H Cook Sr, born 1690 in Virginia, died 1774 married Mary Clarke. Their daughter, Jane Cooke, born 1732 Brunswick Co,Va., and died 1790 married John Cato, born July 23, 1741 in Brunswick Co,Va. Their son, Henry Cato, born 1740 in Virginia, died 1800 in South Carolina married Tabitha Massey, born January 8, 1728 or 1729 in Bristol, Virginia, died 1790 in South Carolina. Their son, Burrell Cato was born in North Carolina in 1764 and probably died in Mississippi in 1841. Some researchers say that Burrell was the father of the Lewis and Sterling Cato whose families appear in the 1860 Census of Jefferson County, Mississippi. However there may have been an intervening generation consisting of Henry Cator (born 1808, married Rebecca and died 1896) and William Cato or these men may have been older brothers of Lewis and Sterling. These two men were in the Union Church area of Jefferson County in 1822-1835 and so far I have not been able to account for them. There is also the question of James Cato (born between 1770 and 1790) who arrived in Jefferson County before Burrell. Maybe he was another of Burrell’s sons.

            If Burrell was the only Cato to move to Jefferson County, Mississippi, then his family may have looked something like the following:

            Burrel Cato, born c1763 in North Carolina, married in South Carolina, died c1834 in Jefferson Co, Mississippi leaving the following sons:

            James Cato, born between 1770 and 1790, moved to Mississippi before 1820 and was living in Jefferson County with a wife and seven children in 1820.

            Henry Cato was born April 1, 1808, married Rebecca, moved to Mississippi before 1830 and was living in Jefferson County with a wife and three children in 1830.   He patented land in the vicinity of Union Church and is buried in the cemetery there.   He was living very near Burrell and William Cato sometime between 1822 and 1835.

            William Cato moved to Mississippi and may have been living with his father in 1830.

            Lewis Cato was born May 12, 1812 and was living with his father in 1830.   He married Mary Ann Galbreath on January 29, 1835 in Jefferson County, Mississippi and their first child was born in 1836.   He patented land in the vicinity of Union Church.   He and his wife are both buried in the Union Church cemetery.

            Sterling Cato born August 12, 1817 and was living with his father in 1830 along with three other children and his two older brothers, William and Lewis.   He married Mrs. Rebecca McLaurin in December 16, 1846.   In 1848 his first child, Georgia Ann (who later married a son of William Henry Mullins, see MUL(7)1#7 1st) was born.   He patented land near that of his father and his brothers and he and his wife are both buried in the Union Church cemetery.

            Since the children of Lewis and Sterling Cato are known then Frances Emaline Cato (wife of William Mullins MUL(7)1#7 1st) could have been the daughter of James, Henry or William Cato. Her first two children were given names common in the Cato families (Edwin and James) and the third and fourth were given names that were common in both the Mullins and the Cato families.



Family Group Number MUL(8)5

John Reynolds and Malinda Banks

Husband’s Name                      John T Reynolds

Date of Birth                             c1801

Date of Marriage                      December 10, 1829 in Franklin Co, Tennessee

Date of Death                           March 24, 1883 in Franklin Co, Tennessee

Name of Father                        Samuel R Reynolds born 1757, died 1845

Name of Mother                       Mary Jane Gray

Wife’s Maiden Name               Malinda C Banks

Date of Birth                             August 1801 Pendleton District, South Carolina

Date of Death                           March 1, 1903 Winchester, Franklin Co, Tennessee

Name of Father                        Solomon Banks

Name of Mother                       Runnels Reynolds

The children are listed in MUL(7)3

Children in order of birth:

1.         Name                           Joseph Marion Reynolds          

            Name of spouse           1) Nancy Elizabeth Turnipseed, 2) Margaret Lupo

            Birth                             Nov 23 1837 or 1842 Franklin Co, Tennessee

            Death                           March 1, 1899 Copiah Co, Mississippi

            Burial                           Rehoboth Methodist Church, Barlow, Mississippi

Family Group Number MUL(8)7A

Abraham Turnipseed and Nancy Scott

Husband’s Name                      Abraham Turnipseed

Date of Birth                             Before1828 Fairfield Co, South Carolina

Date of Marriage                      June 21, 1817 South Carolina

Date of Death                           April 24, 1864 near Aliceville, Pickens Co, Alabama

Place of Residence                   Moved to Pickens Co, Alabama before Sept 1839                  

Name of Father                        Jacob Rebsamen

Name of Mother                       Catherine Kinsler

Wife’s Maiden Name               Nancy Scott

The children are listed in MUL(7)4

Children in order of birth:

1.         Name                           George B Turnipseed   

            Birth                             November 28, 1821 South Carolina

2.         Name                           Susan J Turnipseed

            Birth                             May 15, 1824 South Carolina

3          Name                           John A Turnipseed

            Birth                             May 23, 1826 South Carolina

4          Name                           Edward Turnipseed

            Birth                             1828 South Carolina

5          Name                           William B Turnipseed

            Birth                             April 28, 1830 South Carolina

6          Name                           Hiram J Turnipseed

            Birth                             November 2, 1832 South Carolina

7          Name                           Frances C Turnipseed

            Birth                             May 24, 1835 South Carolina

8          Name                           James Andrew Turnipseed

            Birth                             October 9, 1838 Alabama

9          Name                           Elizabeth (Nancy) Turnipseed

            Name of spouse           Joseph Marion Reynolds

            Birth                             September 13, 1841 Alabama

            Death                           c1874

10        Name                           Thomas H Turnipseed

            Birth                             April 30, 1846 Pickens Co, Alabama


Abraham Turnipseed appears in the following documents:

1830 Census of Fairfield Co, SC on page 393, roll M19-169.

1840 Federal Census of Pickens Co, Alabama on page 327.

Mississippi Land Records: at the Washington office in Adams Co, Mississippi, he patented 237.88 acres on Nov 3, 1859 to wit 10N Township 4E Range Sec 13, 14 and 15.   He paid cash.

Alabama Land Records: at the Tuscaloosa office he patented 40 acres, 80 acres and 80 acres on Sept 2, 1839 to wit 22S Township 16W Range Sec 2, 17 and 21.  He paid cash.

The website for the town of Pickens, Alabama lists a Presbyterian church in the town that was organized May 20, 1837. This church lists Abraham Turnipseed as a member and an Elder.

There is a Turnipseed cemetery in Claiborne Co, Mississippi, on Hwy 18 west of Hermanville and 7.1 miles from Port Gibson on a ridge about 500 yards from the highway. It is called Steele’s Chapel Cemetery. There are a number of Weeks buried there as well as a double headstone marked Abram Turnipseed born May 1, 1802, died August 11, 1888 and his wife Mary Lupo born June 4, 1817, died August 11, 1897.   Mary Lupo may have been Abraham’s second wife or there may have been two different Abram Turnipseed families. I have treated the families as two separate families.   MUL(8)7A has Nancy Scott as the wife and MUL(8)7B has Mary Lupo as the wife.  

1850 Census Claiborne Co, Ms lists:

Abram Turnipseed        age       35        born     South Carolina

Mary Turnipseed                      35                    SC       Maybe this is Mary Lupo

James W                                  12                    Mississippi

Mathew                                    11                    Ms

Elizabeth                                   9                      Ms

Fanny                                       4                      Ms

Abram Jr                                  2                      Ms

The neighboring household was Laban Lupo (see Family Group MUL(7)3#1C)

            Laban Lupo                              56                    North Carolina

            Delilah Lupo                             52                    South Carolina

            Henry J                                    22                    SC       Married Mira Jane Jones

            Laban C (E)                             16                    SC

            Alexander                                 13                    SC

            Sarah Ann                                12                    Mississippi

            Mary C (E)                              9                      Ms

            John A                                     4                      Ms

The next household consisted of:

            Wm Lupo                                 24                    SC

            Minera Lupo                            22                    SC       Maybe Minerva Jones                                                     

Family Group Number MUL(8)7B

Abraham Turnipseed and Mary Lupo

Husband’s Name                      Abraham Turnipseed

Date of Birth                             May 1, 1802 South Carolina

Date of Marriage                      Before 1839

Date of Death                           Aug 11, 1888 in Claiborne Co, Ms near Hermanville

Place of Burial                          Steele’s Chapel Cemetery, Claiborne Co

Wife’s Maiden Name               Mary Lupo

Date of Birth                             June 4, 1817

Date of Death                           August 11, 1897 in Claiborne Co, Ms near Hermanville

Place of Burial                          Steele’s Chapel Cemetery, Claiborne Co


Name                                       Williams Turnipseed     

Name                                       Elizabeth Turnipseed

Name                                       Thomas A Turnipseed

            Name of spouse           Mary E Walters

            Married                        January 8, 1878 in Claiborne Co, Mississippi

Name                                       Harriet Frances Turnipseed

            Name of spouse           John W Walters

            Married                        January 10, 1866 in Claiborne Co, Mississippi

Name                                       Abram Turnipseed

            Birth                             c 1848

Name                                       Susan (Sue) Catherine Turnipseed

            Name of spouse           Joseph Walters

            Married                        January 10, 1867 in Claiborne Co

Name                                       John Harvey Turnipseed

Name                                       Joseph Daniel Turnipseed

Name                                       John W

            Birth                             March 25, 1867 in Mississippi

            Death                           August 19, 1884 in Hermanville, Mississippi

Other Claiborne Co, Ms, marriages:

            David B Turnipseed to Mary Elizabeth Walters November 23, 1870

            D B Turnipseed to Margaret A Walters December 07, 1883

            Panola Turnipseed to D A Low January 10, 1888

            W A Walter to Mary E Turnipseed March 2, 1898

            Joe Reynolds married Nancy Turnipseed (MUL(7)3#1 1st) but I do not know who her parents were. The problem is that there were two Abraham Turnipseed families who are likely candidates. I have listed them as MUL(8)7A and MUL(8)7B. It may turn out that there was only one Abraham Turnipseed but that he had two wives and many children.

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