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ACE and MoHA present Graduation

May 25

Spellerberg Projects, Masur Gallery
119 W San Antonio St, Lockhart TX


  • Endless Sewer (Austin - Heavy Mutant Music)
  • Bill Daniel (Houston - Tri-X-Noise | Mobile Photo Exhibition and Book Launch)
  • Kuniklo (Puerto Rico/Austin - Viduseksu, an analog virtual reality experience to be shared between 8 participants)
  • Olivia Pepper (Austin)
  • The Quick Draw Photo Booth Presents Facesmasher (Austin)

Elana Langer

On now

New York-based artist Elana Langer’s installation Emotional Aid Kit / Soul Revival Tent opens at Masur Gallery.

This activation is an emotional intervention in the gallery space and provides tools for integrating empathy into our collective experience of the everyday. Emotional Aid Kit is akin to a first aid kit, filled with tools for emotional support, such as mantras, images and a bell; Soul Revival Tent creates a physical space for self-care interventions. Langer creates products and experiences that support people working to make their lives more purposeful. Her installations have been shown throughout the world, and her work is currently on view in the exhibition Access + Ability at Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian design museum in New York.

Spellerberg Projects, Masur Gallery
119 W San Antonio St, Lockhart TX
Open by appointment

Chris St. Leger

On now

Lockhart, Texas-based artist Chris St. Leger presents a selection of paintings at our storefront gallery on Main St.

St. Leger works primarily in watercolor. He also creates inverted watercolors through digital manipulation; he paints a watercolor based on the negative space of a source photograph, scans the painting, digitally inverts the file, and then prints the final result. St. Leger paints the built environment to explore the terrain of expanded civilization. His source photography captures fleeting moments of places he visits, but his focus is on the transportive aesthetic of each painting.

Spellerberg Projects
103 S Main St, Lockhart TX
Open by appointment

Artist’s website

Museum of Human Achievement Event

May 25 2018

An event in conjunction with the Museum of Human Achievement. More info to come.

MoHA Website

San Marcos Cinema Club, 25 Miles Damn

Jun 1 2018

A project of the San Marcos Cinema Club, 25 Miles Damn is comprised of one-minute-long, non-fiction submissions filmed somewhere within 25 miles of San Marcos, aiming to highlight our region’s unique subcultures and geographic diversity. We hope to engage filmmakers in Lockhart, Luling, Seguin, Wimberley, Kyle, New Braunfels, San Marcos, and others. More info to come.

San Marcos Cinema Club on Facebook

Life Drawing and Painting


Life Drawing

Bring your drawing or painting supplies to these open sessions featuring a live model. Instruction is not provided. Each session costs $12 per person, and registration is required by contacting drawing@spellerbergprojects.com

Spellerberg Projects
103 S Main St, Lockhart TX
Every Thursday, 7–10pm

@lockhartlifedrawing on Instagram

Past Exhibitions

Student Showcase

On now

Spellerberg Projects, in conjunction with Lockhart ISD, is hosting a district-wide art show featuring works by LISD artists at the Masur Gallery, the city’s newest art venue.

Parents family members are invited to bring their children to view the artwork at a special opening reception Friday, April 6, from 5:00 – 8:00 pm. Members of the public are also welcome. The Masur Gallery is located at 119 W. San Antonio St. in Lockhart, just off the historic city square.

This event help tips off a weekend of activity in Lockhart with the annual Sip & Stroll event, hosted by the Downtown Business Association, drawing visitors to the city from all over the region with proceeds going towards beautification and promotion of downtown Lockhart. The student artwork will remain on display and open for public view during that event Saturday, April 7, from 1:00 – 7:00 pm.

Spellerberg Projects, Masur Gallery
119 W San Antonio St, Lockhart TX

Chris St. Leger, Skyline Prints

Jan 20 – Mar 31 2017

Lockhart, Texas-based artist Chris St. Leger presents a set of 10 prints at Masur Gallery.

St. Leger works primarily in watercolor. He also creates inverted watercolors through digital manipulation; he paints a watercolor based on the negative space of a source photograph, scans the painting, digitally inverts the file, and then prints the final result. St. Leger paints the built environment to explore the terrain of expanded civilization. His source photography captures fleeting moments of places he visits, but his focus is on the transportive aesthetic of each painting.

Spellerberg Projects, Masur Gallery
119 W San Antonio St, Lockhart TX
Open by appointment

Artist’s website

Honoria Starbuck, Zen Chickens

Jan 20 – Mar 31 2017

Honoria Starbuck opens Zen Chickens at Masur Gallery.

The Austin, Texas-based artist is inspired by Zen calligraphers, mail art and her practice of tai chi to create a Zen Chicken each morning using ink, watercolor and collage. The exhibition includes six new small- and medium-format works on paper. Starbuck teaches design fundamentals, observational drawing, fashion drawing, anatomy and gesture drawing at the Art Institute of Austin. She serves on the advisory boards of SXSW EDU and SXSW Interactive and holds an interdisciplinary doctoral degree from University of Texas at Austin in communications, fine art and curriculum and instruction.

Spellerberg Projects, Masur Gallery
119 W San Antonio St, Lockhart TX
Open by appointment

Artist’s website

Studio WAC, Tempor Magazine

Oct 6 – Dec 2 2017

Tempor Magazine flyer

Tempor is the latin root for time or occasion. anything in the past is a memory, and anything in the future is a dream. the word tempor relates to this moment, the present. Founded in 2017, Tempor is an independent travel magazine for adventure seekers in North America. The magaine features original film photography and essays on history, politics, and immigration — inviting readers to dive into a variety of fields and encouraging self-reflection and awareness about the environment.

This exhibition is part of a collaborative project between Houston-based creatives, Scott Cartwright and Jenny Lynn Weitz Amaré-Cartwright, of Studio WAC. Using the built environment as a point of departure, Studio WAC focuses on issues facing art, architecture, and design. Seasonal publications like Tempor, its photography collections, objects, and overall creative practice, aid in the dissemination of ideas and encourage dialogue about current topics.

Magazine website

Michael Villarreal, Whitetail

June 17 – Sept 16 2017

Michael Villarreal flyer

Villarreal takes materials that are common for the construction of houses — such as pink insulation foam, joint compound, latex paint, and spray paint — and gives them a new identity. The objects he makes are depictions of items brought into his home when he was child, and are grouped to create both an interior and exterior version of a domestic environment. The three-dimensional forms create a conversation with his past work as a painter — most objects he makes have a relationship with the wall against which they are placed or hung and others mimic the idea of oil paint’s materiality. Some forms resemble minimal sculpture, leading the viewer to reinvestigate how we perceive the household item.

Michael Villarreal was born in Austin, TX and raised in Lockhart, TX. In 2013, he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Texas State University, and in May 2017 a Master of Fine Arts at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He has exhibited his work nationally at multiple commercial art galleries and art centers. Among these include: Art Palace Contemporary Art Gallery and Barbara Davis Gallery in Houston, TX, Bemis Center for Contemporary Art in Omaha, NE, LA Artcore: Brewery Annex Gallery in Los Angeles, CA, and Art + Literature Laboratory in Madison, WI. In 2014, Villarreal was invited for solo exhibition at Art Palace Contemporary Art Gallery in their Project Gallery. He has been in several publications, online and in print, such as Huffington Post for a group exhibition in Los Angeles and in Issue No. 126 of New American Paintings which was release in October 2016. He has participated in several curatorial endeavors such as a show titled Conduit at Tugboat Gallery in Lincoln, NE which featured three artists from three different regions of the nation. Recently, he was awarded with the 39th Mayor’s Arts Awards in Lincoln, NE and the Francis William Vreeland Scholarship Award. In July, he will be an artist in residence at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts in Nebraska City.

Viewing appointments made via email: info@spellerbergprojects.com

Artist’s website

Seth Anderson, UrbanSeens

Apr 1 – Jun 10 2017

Seth Anderson flyer

Seth Anderson has been fascinated by photography since he was a small boy, and has been diligently taking photographs for over twenty years. One of his favorite pastimes is strolling in diverse neighborhoods, camera on hip, seeking the poetry contained in urban milieus, as seen in all four seasons. His work explores the intrinsic beauty of shared public spaces, from the dust of the pavement, to the delight of architectural patterns.

Artist’s website

Kate Schneider, We, the Heartland

Jan 6 – Mar 25 2017

Kate Schneider flyer

Photographs of the Keystone XL route. Kate Schneider is a Toronto-based photographer and educator. Her work is based in the traditions of documentary storytelling and ethnography, and her most recent works focus on the impact that land and the socialized landscape have on individual and cultural identity in North America.

More info

Alex Beriault, Paralleled

Oct 22 – Dec 31 2016

Alex Beriault flyer

Two-channel video installation. Alex Beriault has developed a practice where the objects and circumstances that she creates manifest as purgatorial experiences for herself and for the viewer. She functions as a catalyst within her installation practice.

More info

Pop Up, Group show

Aug 6 – Oct 7 2016


Central-Texas arts and crafts group show featuring tables by local artists, craftspersons and friends of the gallery.

More info

Elana Langer, We are all in this together

Apr 27 – Jul 10 2016

We are all in this together

Exhibition of participatory installations

More info

Poly-style, Group show

Mar 25 – Apr 23 2016


Lockhart youth group show

More info

Honoria Starbuck, Flaneuse

Jan 16 – Mar 20 2016

Honoria Starbuck flyer

An exhibition of small-format paintings

More info

Past Screenings

Films of Marie Menken & Stan Brakhage

Feb 13 2018

Experimental Response Cinema
Metaphors on Vision: Films by Menken and Brakhage

Experimental Response Cinema and Spellerberg Projects present an evening in celebration of the life and work of experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage. This event includes a program of 16mm films by Marie Menken, who was a major influence on Brakhage early in his career, and two later Brakhage works, one of which is on 35mm.

Menken films include: Notebook (1963), Go Go Go (1964), Glimpse of the Garden (1957), and Dwightiana (1959). Brakhage films include Interpolations 1-5 (1992, 35mm), and one additional 16mm film. Total running time is approximately one hour.

This series is presented in conjunction with the republication of Brakhage’s 1963 book Metaphors of Vision, which has been out of print for 40 years. Copies of the book are available for purchase at the screening. The program is introduced by Light Industry’s Thomas Beard.

Spellerberg Projects, Masur Gallery
119 W San Antonio St, Lockhart TX
Feb 13 2018, 8pm

ERC’s website

Guy Woueté, Being Awake

Aug 12 – Sept 16 2017

Guy Woueté flyer

A program of short videos by artist Guy Woueté, examining migration and displacement, borders and non-places.

Opening with a special screening event at Chaparral Coffee Saturday August 12 2017, 8pm. The program will then be on view by appointment at Spellerberg Projects August 13–September 16 2017.

Guy Woueté divides his time between Antwerp and Douala. Born in Douala in 1980, he holds a Master of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts from Erg school of Arts in Brussels, and from the University of Paris 8. He has completed post-academic study at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam. A video artist, sculptor and painter who also embraces installations and photography, Woueté creates his images following a conceptual artistic approach similar to that of a reporter, albeit leaving behind the reporter’s obligation to refer to familiar images. He confronts the paradox that as an artist he materializes and represents things that can only be experienced as contradictions and transitional situations. Guy Woueté’s oeuvre always encompasses elements of social criticism and the questions of migration in the age of globalization; everyday life realities are his source of inspiration.

Works being screened: Next week, 2010; D’ici là, 2015; Volcano, 2008; Echo Between, 2009; After Walls, 2009; La liste est longue, 2006–7; Burka... (No, you have to ask the questions...), 2013; Ouidah Return, 2007.

The presentation of this work by Spellerberg Projects is made possible though a partnership with Vtape, Toronto. The program was curated for Vtape by Pierre Beaudoin.

Viewing appointments made via email: info@spellerbergprojects.com

Past Events

The Alash Ensemble

Apr 7 2018

Hailing from Siberia/Central Asia, ALASH are masters of Tuvan throat singing (xöömei), a remarkable technique for singing multiple pitches at the same time. What distinguishes this gifted trio from earlier generations of Tuvan throat singers is the subtle infusion of modern influences into their traditional music. One can find complex harmonies, western instruments, and contemporary song forms in Alash’s music, but its overall sound and spirit is decidedly Tuvan.

Presented with support from the Center for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies at UT Austin.

Saturday, April 7 at 7:30pm
Spellerberg Projects, Masur Gallery
119 W San Antonio St, Lockhart TX
Tickets $15 at the door

Artists» website

Gold Epicure, Pop-up Dinner

Jan 27 2018

Lockhart-based Chef Mike Torres brings his pop-up dinner food truck, Gold Epicure, to Masur Gallery. Torres creates farm-to-table organic cuisine for diners in a variety of nontraditional dining locations.

Spellerberg Projects, Masur Gallery
119 W San Antonio St, Lockhart TX
Jan 27 2018, 7pm

Gold Epicure’s website

Masur Gallery Grand Opening

Jan 20 2018

Spellerberg Projects announces the opening of its second gallery space in Lockhart, Texas, 30 minutes south of Austin. The new space, Spellerberg Projects, Masur Gallery, occupies a circa 1900 building in the heart of the city’s historic downtown. Owner Marty Spellerberg opened the first space, Spellerberg Projects, in 2016, and has featured work by local, national and international artists, as well as public programs and community events. The Spellerberg Projects spaces serve as cultural hubs for the city’s burgeoning artistic community.

“I’m thrilled to open my second gallery in downtown Lockhart, activating the Masur building with artistic and cultural energy to create a new essential destination in the historic district,” Spellerberg says. “Opening Spellerberg Projects was a signifier of the change that was taking place in Lockhart, and over the past two years the vibrant community growth has made a second space viable.”

The space features a schedule of art exhibitions and installations, and it presents music performances, film screenings and art activations, as well as invites community organizations to host meetings, forums and a variety of events. Spellerberg partners with members of the Lockhart and Austin arts and culture scenes to bring world-class contemporary art to Lockhart.

The Masur Gallery grand opening includes exhibition openings featuring artists Elana Langer, Chris St. Leger, and Honoria Starbuck, live music by Rain Cross Trio, and a voter registration booth in support of Art Action Day.

Spellerberg Projects, Masur Gallery (119 W San Antonio Street)
Spellerberg Projects (103 South Main Street)
Saturday, January 20, 2018, 7pm

Andrea Wallace, Studio Launch Party

Sept 30 2017

Andrea Wallace flyer

Celebrate the grand opening of Lectro Studio, the photography-based practice of artist Andrea Wallace. Join us for music, Korean-inspired hors d’oeuvres, cocktails and local craft beer.

Artist’s website

Abigail Brown, Pottery

Nov 23 2016

Abigail Brown

Pop-up shop

Janet Christian, Artist talk

Jul 16 2016

Janet Christian Artist talk

An evening of art and conversation

Hayden Yates, Artist talk

Feb 20 2016

Hayden Yates flyer

An evening of art and conversation

New Year, New Color!

Jan 23 2016

New Year, New Color! flyer

A family-friendly art-making experience

More info