Lives Lived
Aiko Suzuki
Keri Sakamoto
The Globe and Mail – Monday June 6, 2006

Cancer: A Metaphoric Re/Vision
Aiko Suzuki's Bombard/Invade/Radiate
Pam Patterson
Fuse Magazine– Volume 28 No.4, November 2005

Cure as weapon
Aiko Suzuki takes on the medical model
Kevin Temple
NOW – June 2-8, 2005

Grand Gesture and Little Hooks
Aiko Suzuki's Suspensions and Other Works
Monika Kim Gagnon
2003 Catalog:
Aiko Suzuki - selected works from 1973 to the present

Aiko Suzuki's Selected Works at Gendai Gallery
Nikkei Voice. March 2003

Suzuki's lifetime of works
by Andrea Raymond
North York Mirror, March 7, 2003

High fibre: Aiko Suzuki's massive space-age scrims
Canadian Art, 1985

Three-ring circus
by Susan Mertens
The Vancouver Sun, October 10, 1981

Aiko Suzuki
Metropolitan Toronto Library
by Corinne Mandel
Arts Canada, 1981

The ceiling's the limit for fibre art
by Lisa Balfour Bowen
The Toronto Star, March 7, 1981

Aiko Suzuki: Suspensions of Colour and Line
by William Fabrycki
Art Magazine Dec 1979

Suspensions by Aiko Suzuki
by Robin Biggs
The Guardian, February 1, 1978

Artist's Fibre Suspensions
Peter West
Daily Times, 1978

Sculptor's determined to prove artistic worth of fibre hangings
Gary Michael Dault
Toronto Star, August 12, 1978

Wall Hangings
by James Purdie
The Globe and Mail, August 20, 1977

Aiko Suzuki Suspensions
Sisler Gallery
The Globe and Mail, February 28, 1976

By Jiminy, this cricket is a sure sign of spring
by Lawrence Rasky
The Sunday Sun, April 6, 1969

Pollock Gallery
by Kay Kritzwiser
The Globe and Mail, March 25, 1967


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