The Ancestors Of George & Hazel Mullins

by Philip Mullins

This is a true story. It is a story about certain of our ancestors and the region in which they lived. In this story I have woven what little I know of my family's history into the narrative of regional and national history.

A story such as this would have been impossible to write without the many years of research by a handful of family historians including Hansford Simmons, Prentiss Knippers, Frank Varnado, Lucy Wall Varnado and Edna Hughes. Much of the information in this story was obtained from written sources. The most important sources are listed in the bibliography. Other sources have included books on regional history, pamphlets, historical markers, newspaper articles and interviews. It is all true to the best of my knowledge. Sometimes I have made guesses about what may have happened, but all such cases are clearly identified as conjecture. There are many errors. I leave it up to you to correct them.

The story begins in South Carolina before the American Revolution and focuses on the family of Leonard Vernadeau and Sarah Hutto. After 1812 the story moves to Mississippi Territory and the family of Richard and Nancy Ann Simmons. It follows this family until the end of the Civil War and the long period of economic decline that followed. The Mullins and Strickland families are brought into the story during the Reconstruction Years. The story concludes with the life of George and Hazel Mullins.

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